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Successful leaders who ‘aspire to lead with greater impact’ will partner with an executive coach to consider how they can improve. They will make time to remove themselves from daily tasks and pressing issues to challenge their mind-sets, their thinking and their behaviours. They will focus on adaptive leadership techniques to drive themselves and their organisations forward.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching affords an opportunity for leaders to step aside from the busyness of their day and to allocate ‘time’ to ‘think’ over the challenges they are facing and the goals they wish to fulfil. With the aid of an executive coach, leaders can engage in a confidential programme built around powerful interactions designed to enhance their work-life, careers and life aspirations.

An executive coach will skillfully ask questions of the leader to stimulate their thinking and access their inner wisdom. In short, the executive coach acts as a confidential sounding board, an accountability partner, and affords a fresh perspective to the leader’s challenges and aims. In turn, the leader can gain greater clarity and focus, increase self-confidence (nipping negative self-talk in the bud), generate better ideas and improve their decision making and influencing skills.

Executive Career Planning

Executive Career Planning provides an important opportunity for the leader to take stock of their career, their success and to consider what next? Typically leaders benefit from a period of reorientation and complex self -assessment to understand their needs, identify issues, set goals and establish transferrable skills prior to considering and exploring the feasibility of their options. Further support is provided to enable the leader to successfully project manage their career plan with a carefully constructed proactive self-marketing campaign underpinning it.

Leaders who have embarked on a journey of learning, growth and development via executive coaching and/or executive career planning, recognise its value. They know a coach can help improve focus, hold them accountable, build their confidence, help shape their ideas, offer a different perspective and challenge their assumptions. More importantly, help achieve real progress by achieving their objectives. A win-win for the individual and organisation.

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