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Case Studies

Clients have repeatedly reported the benefit in reading executive coaching case studies of former coaching clients. Primarily because it helps them to understand the developmental journey they are about to embark on. It also enables them to clarify their own coaching agenda and objectives.

The following case studies - anonymised to protect the confidentiality of the client - provide further insight into the areas former clients have identified as the focus for their coaching programmes as well as highlighting the rewards they have achieved.

The Case Studies

Case Study - Adapting Behaviours

A senior manager from a major international organisation was in line for promotion. There were reservations about her behaviour in meetings and her ability to optimise a diverse set of team members and cross functional working teams.

Case Study – Managing Change

Managing Change case study about a promoted director of a leading professional services organisation.

Case Study – Finding balance

An experienced songwriter / record producer from a renowned music publisher was transitioning into a new phase of her career and required assistance in finding balance between her personal and professional life.

Case Study – Career Exploration

Following an organisational restructure within a global advertising media giant, a senior executive took the opportunity to consider; had they reached a plateau in the company and was the work satisfying enough? Or could he generate an opportunity, internally or externally, to play to his strengths and develop new skills to cope better with an uncertain workplace?

Case Study – Stepping Up

Following the restructure of a leading Construction company, a senior director, recently promoted, was frustrated and concerned by his professional relationships.

Case Study – Gaining Promotion

Gaining Promotion case study about a senior member of a world-renowned media organisation who was unlikely to gain promotion because he lacked ‘gravitas and executive presence’

Case Study – Altering Perceptions

Following the successful conclusion of a secondment within a renowned UK business, a senior professional secured a promotion within his former business function.

Case Study – Overcoming prejudices

A senior marketing director within a global media organisation achieved outstanding success managing a marketing campaign for an acclaimed UK artist.

Case Study – Raising Awareness

A senior manager, within a leading Commercial Property organisation was moved to a specialist customer focused role.

Case Study – Leadership Development

A Managing Director of a leading property services company faced the challenge of integrating a subsidiary business within his region.

Case Study – Managing Performance

A senior executive within a global FMCG organisation was faced with managing and motivating a difficult employee, whose expertise was critical to the success of a key client account.

Case Study – Managing Upwards

An MD of a major international retailer, used to a high pressured and fast paced dynamic environment, was considered for further promotion. He was not successful in his application and over-night found himself reporting to a new leader.