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Finding balance

An experienced songwriter / record producer from a renowned music publisher was transitioning into a new phase of her career and required assistance in finding balance between her personal and professional life. She was also experiencing doubts regarding her future career direction and wanted to explore her options.

Formerly an artist with a successful music career, she had many of the characteristics typical of a creative professional. She was smart, energetic, open to new ideas, curious and inquisitive; a divergent thinker whose talent shone in a relaxed environment with supportive like-minded creative types.

Returning to work from a period of maternity leave, she found herself at a cross road in her career. She found herself being steered away from the pop genre to a new focus on musicals. This was an unexpected development which set off a spiral of negative thinking and reflecting; which in turn lead her to question her abilities and skills. It also activated a concern regarding how others would perceive such a career refocus?

In addition, she experienced feelings of guilt when balancing motherhood with a career; doubting whether she could balance it all by having the proverbial cake and eating it. Such concerns heightened her emotions, affected her behaviours and intensified her feelings of disquiet and uncertainty. It set a spiral of emotions lowering her self-esteem, in particular her self-confidence, and strengthened her conviction she would not replicate her previous career success.

Impact of Coaching

She came to understand the source of her disquiet and with patience/compassion realised the effect that it was having on her career and wider lifestyle. She came to fully appreciate herself as a unique and talented individual, capable of further success.

Engaging in 6 x 2 hour, one to one session over a six-month period she developed greater belief and confidence in herself. Recognising the importance and necessity of nurturing herself – physically, mentally and emotionally – she devised strategies for optimal performance and critically to efficiently manage periods of stress. By allowing herself to be mindfully present wherever she was, she significantly boosted her self-confidence and as a result started to really enjoy her new work.

She came to fully appreciate herself as a unique and talented individual, capable of further success. She also challenged her perceptions and assumptions surrounding the newly refocused writing career and realised it was a natural fit for her.

As a result, she has achieved success writing songs for several musicals, renewed her contract and achieved notable success for the affiliated organisation.