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Executive Coaching

As an Executive Coach providing support and challenge to leaders across the UK and Internationally, I am privileged to coach executives and business leaders; partnering with dynamic talent to optimise their approaches and techniques enhances their professional contribution and their continued personal development and well-being.

What Executive Coaching offers you

Partnering with you to identify your key goals, and to bridge the gap between current reality and your goals and potential, Executive Coaching will deliver a clearer direction and set of actions.

Release your full leadership potential

Utilising a targeted range of current coaching techniques, psychometrics and appropriate tools, you will connect to a higher level of awareness, gain greater insights and review your perspective. You will challenge your assumptions, thinking, planning and vision; enabling you to release your full leadership potential.

Ginette brings genuine curiosity to the table and a real interest in understanding whilst challenging your perspective……contributing to a fun yet productive coaching partnership

Global Talent Business Leader, Pharmaceutical

Where Executive Coaching Can Help

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When facing a challenge, do you recognise that stymied feeling, a concern or fear that you might make a mistake, or worry that you might damage your career path?

Or do you recognise this behaviour in your executive team?

This is often the time when a dynamic coaching partnership can be most effective.

Executive coaching offers a confidential partnership to:

  • Encourage a rigorous approach to quality thinking, visioning, planning and expectations.
  • Lead by example and demonstrate the behaviours necessary to embed change.
  • Challenge executives to focus on their performance and push beyond current competency levels.
  • Develop greater adaptability and flexibility to embrace change.
  • Strengthen resilience in particular capacities to effectively manage their own anxiety in tough situations.
  • Address self-doubt and anxiety.
  • Manage ‘bad’ stress more effectively.
  • Become exceptional communicators and masters at relationship management.
  • Enhance active listening skills to ‘stand in another shoes’ and to understand and analyse the point of view of others.
  • Improve performance and productivity at an individual and team level.
  • Create a cultural change within their organisation by utilising coaching skills to develop others.
  • Motivate individuals to ‘think’ creatively, be innovative, to problem solve and excel in your own performance.
  • Adopt a ‘no blame’ culture, where praise is commonplace and positive feedback recognised as critical to individual and business success.

What to expect from Executive Coaching

Executive coaching programmes are flexible to suit your specific aims as an individual. Engagements range from a series of bespoke sessions to target particular issues and opportunities, through to longer term developmental relationships with ongoing support and soundings. I am also experienced working with diverse teams and leadership groups who have shared objectives and challenges.

First Meeting

An initial meeting helps us to build a formative map of your aims and to identify any immediate blocks to progressing your initial objectives.

It also provides an opportunity to ensure synergy within our coaching partnership and sets it up for a more successful outcome

Second Meeting

Typically here we explore and unpack your goals; we gain more detailed insight into your profile, issues, role and responsibilities and we crystallise priorities for your measurable objectives, in both the short and longer term.

Subsequent Meetings

Within your programme, each session typically lasts 90 – 120 minutes, spread over an agreed timescale and conducted on a monthly basis, unless otherwise specified by you.

The frequency of meetings is also dependent on the objectives we agree and adjust through your programme.

Follow Up Actions

Each of our sessions will conclude with a summary to capture the actions to support your personal reflections, learnings and growth. It also ensures alignment with your coaching objectives and provides a dynamic monitor for your progress.

On-going support can be agreed between sessions during UK business hours, either via email, telephone, Skype or a blend of media.