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Executive Coaching and Career Planning Articles

Successful leaders are committed to lifelong learning.

They recognise the essential value in continual self appraisal and development. Realising that enhancing their mental athleticism, developing their ability to rapidly assimilate information, and then to consistently apply their learning, enables them to remain at the cutting edge of their active careers.

As rapid technological developments bring increasing volumes of information and knowledge, it is the leader committed to lifelong learning who can maximise this data to the benefit of their teams, their organisations, and critically, their own success.

In other words they have learnt JFK's lesson that 'leadership and training are indispensable to each other.'

With this in mind, listed below are a series of articles, including top tips and insights to support you in your development journey. Whether you are looking to redefine or strengthen your leadership style, manage your career, and/or effectively lead others, these articles are designed to be thought provoking.

Alternatively, get in touch and start the journey to becoming a leader who is committed to learning!

The Articles

5 Top Tips for Managing Change

5 Top Tips for Managing Change. Change is constant. In all aspects of our lives. For many, it’s not an easy experience to manage. It can trigger uncertainty, fear of the unknown and past setbacks. Conversely ‘change’ can be a liberating, positive and exciting experience; offering opportunity and growth.

Being Noticed and PROMOTED

Working hard and being good in your role are important aspects of your job. But this is never enough! If you want to get ahead, gain promotion and achieve greater career success you need a strong profile and high visibility with senior management.

10 ESSENTIAL Leadership Skills

Employee’s today expect more from their leaders. They want to perform fulfilling work and feel valued by leaders they can believe in. It's, therefore, vital leaders know how to inspire confidence, passion and trust in the people they lead.