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Case Study – Gaining Promotion

A senior member of a world renowned media organisation was unlikely to gain promotion because he lacked ‘gravitas and executive presence’ At times his behaviour in management meetings left others uncomfortable and unnerved.

A highly observant and quick thinker he got to the core of a problem and solved it with the greatest efficiency and the least effort. Often functioning as a trouble-shooter, he believed he was admired by others because he constantly demonstrated his own competence and delivered results.

The feedback was initially difficult to assimilate and it was hard to understand exactly what the issue was. With assistance from a 360 survey, aligned to the organisation's values, the problem became clear; he had a passionate way of communicating especially if his ruling logical principles were questioned; then he became very direct and exasperated that the logical facts, which he felt that he had successfully presented to others, were not well received. At this point he often surprised others with such firm expressions and clear judgements of what needed to happen and why. As a result both he and his successes with clients, internally and externally, were overlooked.

Impact of Coaching

Selecting 6 x 2 hour, one-to-one coaching sessions focused on transformational leadership, he increased his levels of self-regulation. The leader began by observing his behaviours during meetings. Next he actively and routinely sought out constructive criticism from others. Using these insights, during the coaching sessions he explored the use and benefits of alternative ways of behaving and communicating. He increased the effectiveness of his general communication styles and radically improved his level of engagement with others. The sessions permitted him to develop a suite of communication strategies. In turn, his enhanced communication and behavioural stance underpinned his gravitas issues. Further, the strategies additionally supported his ability to channel energy into greater levels of self and team productivity.

The analysis and strategies he applied culminated in a much deserved global promotion. A win:win for the individual and the organisation.